Friday, June 12, 2009

Absolutely Free Electric Energy

“Imagine What Would Happen If Everybody Knew That You Could Generate All The Electricity Your Home Requires – For Free!“

You Are About To Discover An Astounding Secret That Energy Companies Have Been Desperately Trying To Suppress!

  • Free Electricity To Power Your Home
Known throughout the scientific community, there exists right now the technology to generate all the electrical power your home needs on a daily basis – indefinitely and virtually for free!

Imagine the benefits of owning a generator that can:
  • Work in any home – safely
  • Work in extreme conditions – hot or cold
  • Work without external resources such as wind or solar
  • Power itself indefinitely and produce more electricity than it consumes
The benefits of this device exist today, in the practical form of a Zero Point Magnetic Generator!

Capable of producing surplus amounts of electricity at no cost, the theory behind this generator has been hotly debated for years and the practical application thwarted by powerful interests!
  • What is Free Power Blueprint?
Free Power Blueprint, as originally coined by Albert Einstein, refers to residual (surplus) energy that all oscillators have at absolute zero (apparent neutral state).

In other words, more power is output than consumed.

Scientifically there is little doubt of it’s existence, and countless scientists have been working on various theories regarding Free Power Blueprint for years.

It is only in the last few years however that efforts have been put into building a practical device based on the concepts layed out by Albert Einstein and other notables; by trying to harness this power to create a seemingly perpetual machine – one which can output more energy than it consumes.

Much to the dismay of all large industrial interests, this work has proved successful!
  • The Voices Of Dissent
Why would energy companies and the like care about the successful implementation of a publicly available electrical generator which can run for indefinite periods of time and produce electricity at practically no cost?


All parties who would be harmed by such a revolutionary change in how the world is powered are vociferous in their opposition to this technology, and proclaim it to be bunk, or pseudo-science.

This technology is right at the cusp of becoming a mass producible product. And as such, the forces of dissent are reigning down on any company that attempts to mass produce any such generator.
  • So Where Can I Get One Of These Generators?
There are no consumer models in production as of yet, but you can get involved right now!

We have found a company willing to provide blue-prints at minimal cost to easily build your own magnetically powered zero point generator capable of producing free electricity.

Many have already used these blueprints to build their own generators capable of producing no-cost electricity, and some have scaled the device into a generator large enough to produce enough electricity to power their homes, effectively taking them “OFF THE GRID”.

Discover for yourself just how effective these generators are and become a front-runner in what will likely prove to be the dawn of a new age!